Dynamic Forwarding International Srl established a quality policy as follows:

-    our aims are suitable for our own and our customers’ requirements
-    the company is committed to satisfy the requirements necessary for a continuous improvement of its Quality Guarantee System
-    Every year the company’s targets about quality are established and reviewed
-    The policy is shared with all company’s members through information meetings
-    The policy and aims are constantly checked to verify their suitability

The strategies to reach the targets are aimed at:
-    having a constant attention on the market enabling us to submit modern and innovating solutions
-    supplying the customers with a valid technical-commercial support able to give the most suitable solutions
-    planning the services offered thourgh the rationalisation of the operating procedures within a safe environment
-    train and update its cooperators in order to grant a continuous professional growth and to make the final products/services always more competitive (quality/costs).

Legal Terms

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