Dynamic Forwarding International Srl improved and advanced its activities and it is often able to prevent the customers’ requirements.


The warehouse has been equipped with:
• controlled temperature area for the storage of goods at temperatures from +15°/25° even for a long period
• refrigerators and freezers
Both of them are equipped with temperature monitoring and recording system; a special alarm indicates any set limits variation. The equipment is subject to programmed maintenance by specialized personnel.
The structure is available both for API depositaries (for the logistic) and for the company’s direct customers.


Storage means having different capacities and uses are available; all of them are suitable for transport, therefore allowing the simultaneous delivery of goods having different storage requirements.
The equipment is powered by passive or active method (eutectic plates or energy) and can grant the following temperature range: +2°/+8°, -20°C.


Thanks to the continuous research, it was possible to develop a specific range of products able to grant both a constant temperature and costs saving. Dynamic uses overpacks made of highly insulating material whilst the refrigerating material is consisting of eutectic plates (glycolide).
Technical characteristics:
•    Such overpacks allow to constantly maintain the required temperature (+2/+8° or -25/- 15°C) for a period between 72 and 96 hours or more
•    These packagings are approved and tested by the producer also by our site
•    they can be equipped with Data Logger to control and print the temperature during the whole transport time
•    they can be re-used, after a suitable refurbishing
•    their efficiency has been proved through the past years experience
•    Dynamic can build the overpack directly by the customer’s warehouse


All company’s personnel has a suitable training and a IATA certificate for the handling and delivery of dangerous goods, excluding radioactive materials.


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